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Was ist eigentlich ein Seminarkurs?

Der sogenannte Seminarkurs beginnt in der Regel im ersten Halbjahr der Oberstufe, dauert ein Schuljahr lang und endet somit am Ende des 12.Schuljahres. Pro Semester wird eine Klausur geschrieben, die zu einem Drittel in die Gesamtnote einfließt.

Mit 3 Schulstunden in der Woche fällt der Kurs in den sogenannten Wahlbereich und ist eine freiwillige Zusatzleistung, die aber unter Umständen auch andere Fächer ersetzen kann.
Der Kurs läuft unter einem grob umrissenen Thema, welches normalerweise von den Schülern mitbestimmt wird, und gliedert sich dann in verschiedene Themenblöcke auf.

Was bringt mir ein Seminarkurs?

Im Verlauf des Seminarkurses erlernen die Schüler wie man einen Themenschwerpunkt formuliert und wissenschaftlich erarbeitet.

Ziel dieses Kurses ist es innerhalb eines Jahres die sogenannte "Besondere-Lern-Leistung" (BLL) als 5. Prüfungskomponente abzulegen. Diese BLL ist eine 20-seitige Abhandlung, welche unter einem möglichst kontroversen Thema steht, das die Schüler nach eigenem Interesse relativ frei wählen können.

Der offensichtliche Vorzug eines Seminarkurses ist die professionelle Hilfe, die den Schüler dort geboten wird, und das Erlernen verschiedener Methoden, die hilfreich im Umgang mit solch einer Aufgabe sind.

Welche Seminarkurse gibt es?

An unserer Schule werden jedes Jahr aufs Neue eine Vielzahl von Seminarkursen vorgestellt und angeboten (z.B Deutsch, Englisch, Sport, Pw, Geschichte). Es kommen natürlich nicht alle Seminarkurse jedes Jahr zustande, da das Interesse an einigen Fächern stärker ist als das an anderen. Da sich die Lehrer der HES nach dem Interessenstand der Schüler richten, kamen dieses Jahr Seminarkurse in Englisch, Pw, Russisch und Deutsch zustande.



My name is Sarah and I go to the HES.

At the moment I`m in the 12th grade and so the end of the English-Seminarkurs, I participate in, is near. Looking back I have to say that I really enjoyed the time in this course:

The main topic of it was "popular-culture" which includes nearly every subject pupils are interested in. For example we talked about themes like “food“, “popstars“  and “soaps“. The fact that makes the course that interesting to me is that the subjects were always up-to-date and relevant.

I just started to write my BLL and think that the Seminarkurs is a real senseful chance to get professional help and a lot of pieces of advice, especially in finding the right topic for yourself.

There is a huge variety of themes for the BLL in the Seminarkurs this year: One girl writes about the American Dream, another one about castings and another about AIDS.

You see, these are really interesting themes and I can only recommend to participate in a Seminarkurs.I would do it again.



If you are doing your Abitur,  you might have heard about the new established “fifth Prüfungskomponente”. That is either a presentation or a BLL (Besondere Lernleistung).

Besondere Lernleistung

Since scarcely anybody knows what a BLL is, I would like to give a short impression of what will expect you if you choose to write it is as your “fifth Prüfungskomponente”, on the basis of my own BLL.

My teacher used a good phrase to define a BLL: It is like a Mini-Doctorate you write, limited on 20 pages about a topic of your choice.  Accurately 15 pages text and 5 pages appendix (pictures, graphics which support your writing).  It is subdivided into three parts:

1.    • Reproduction – you inform the reader about the facts concerning your topic, you found out during your research.

2.    • Argumentation – you argue for or against your central question.

3.    • Finally your conclusion.

It sounds a lot but you need to write it in nearly one year, so it is achievable.
If the BLL has been read and corrected by two teachers, you have to endure the so called


Where the teachers will ask a lot of questions about your work, to make sure that the BLL is your own production.

The first important fact is if you want to write a BLL you are well advised to occupy a so called “Seminarkurs”, since we are one of a few schools in Berlin who provide these courses.
The advantage is that you will be prepared how to write your BLL, since there are so many regulations you cannot know, so it is very helpful and it makes fun!

I picked the “Seminarkurs Englisch”, the lessons did not proceed like other lessons, we discussed a lot about different current topics to get an overview what our BLL might be about.
Mrs. Burkhardt often gave us small themes we talked about in class or we had to give presentations to get used to do research and to improve our English skills.

The main topic of the first semester was Pop Culture, a very diversified subject (your BLL must refer to the topic of the “Seminarkurs”). We decided to focus on three sections: Superstars, policy (especially on the presidential election in the USA with Barack Obama as a Superstar) and sitcoms. At the end of the semester we were supposed to choose a question for our BLL. The only one problem was to find a good formulation, but that was eliminated by Mrs. Burkhardt who always helped with hands and deeds.

I decided to write my BLL about Arnold Schwarzenegger, because ( it might sound ridiculous, but I have always been fascinated by this man, since I was a small boy. ) Not only in account of his enormous muscles but also of his way to success – the way he became Bodybuilder to Terminator to Governor.

My BLL theme is called:
From rags to riches — the embodiment of the American Dream as the example of Arnold Schwarzenegger in different facets.

Additionally Mrs. Burkhardt advised us to pick a topic we are interested in, otherwise it would be more hard to work on a topic you do not care for.

I must admit that, although Mrs. Burkardt had her perfect time managing, which  was like a schedule for our research, I am not as far as she expected us to be. We were supposed to begin our writing in the second semester, where we also learned the theory of BLL writing, so the rules how to quote etc.

Furthermore we presented our current advancement in class, to receive criticism and to get new ideas from the other students to make our BLL even more perfect. To put in a nutshell I think to write a BLL sounds hard but with the help of a “Seminarkurs” it is an achievable goal. You learn a lot about your topic and about the others, for example when other students present their results.

Moreover it is good practice for University where you often have to write a homework that resembles a BLL.

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