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The Eton Exchange


Every year our 10th class pupils have an exchange with

EtonCollege. Unfortunately it's only for boys who behave well and can speak proper English.

At first you will spend a week at Eton where you can do sports and lots of other activities with your exchange partner and you will see lots of boys from different countries because

Eton is not a normal British boys` school. It is an elite school which lots of boys from all around the world want to attend. Because of the focus on tradition at this boarding school you will see things you never see in Germany, for example a `tail coat`. This is their school uniform and makes them look like penguins! 

After this week you live at your exchange partner's house which is often near London. There you can experience the British culture first hand and enjoy British life with your exchange partner.

We picked out the following photos to give you an impression of one of the most famous schools in the world.

 Eton Chapel


Tradition at Eton

 The race course at Eton which will be used for the Olympics in England

 Rugby and football at Eton

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